About Us

e-Post is an online platform where e-Commerce merchants and delivery services working in the country are brought in together with the aim to facilitate them with delivery tracking, monitoring and automation support. Time efficient delivery service providing is one of the prime requirements for a standard e-Commerce business. Proper logistic infrastructure setup is a very challenging task for any delivery service provider. Therefore, locally established delivery service providers usually offer their services by dividing 64 districts of the country into multiple zones and it is very difficult for all of them to serve the consumer base in all districts. As a result, one delivery service provider struggle to cover their service nationwide and the merchants experience difficulties to rely on one logistic partner to run their business all around the country. e-Post focuses in reducing this struggle for the logistic partners and the merchants by bringing multiple entities all together in one platform. In here, logistic partners are able to be in terms with trusted leading merchants and likewise merchants are able to get connected with multiple leading logistic partners for their product deliveries to all 64 districts of the country. Moreover, as Bangladesh Post Office (BPO) is the key partner of e-Post, this platform is able to provide safe and secured delivery support including tracking and monitoring all around the country up to Upazila areas.

We focus on:

  • Trusted service
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Improved service quality
  • Safe deliveries
  • Promoting e-Commerce nationwide


  • End to end tracking of product deliveries
  • Availability of multiple logistic partners all together
  • Opportunities to find nationwide network of local delivery services
  • Price and service quality comparison and monitoring
  • Automation support
  • Leading merchants in the industry

New Things Will Always Update Regularly