AjkerDeal.com, one of the fast growing online B2C marketplaces in the country, has recently received a new round of investment, managed by Fenox Venture capital, a Silicon Valley venture fund company and participated by Innotech Corporation, a listed company in Japan, as the main investor. The company did not disclose the amount or valuation. However, it claimed that it is the biggest amount of investment in any local e-commerce company in the country. Co-founded by Fahim Mashroor of BDJobs.com fame, one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs of the country, AjkerDeal claims to be the largest ecommerce marketplace in the country. With the new investment, the company plans to invest heavily in expansion and technology.

Bagdoom does not just sell lifestyle products, Bagdoom is here to become a lifestyle! Be it simple, casual or luxurious; trendy, unique or traditional, Bagdoom presents you all. Daily lives, occasions, needs and necessities, celebrations, desires and wish lists – Bagdoom checks it all off. We believe life is not made up of days but each day is a realm of life, where every second is a different color and every color represents Bagdoom! Our prime focus is the youth, referred colloquially as the “Bagdoom generation” and we are here to be a part of their lives, not just by selling the brands which rest under their hood but also by writing a part of their daily life stories. Bagdoom is that little spark of fun springing out of a droning afternoon, that unconscious twist of hair made while losing yourself in thoughts of wonderland, rocking the floor with confidence being no one but yourself or the three sips of tea turning into a moment of a lifetime with the right people – it is all Bagdoom. The rebranded face of Akhoni.com, the first e-commerce platform to enter the Bangladesh market back in 2010 took form of Bagdoom, with promises of the grandest of online shopping experiences across the country. We present a one-stop lifestyle platform, holding products of various local and international brands together. The different deals offered whole year round, lets buyers get the best products at lowest prices and the sellers promote and build their brands big. 

NRB Bazaar (www.nrbbazaar.com) delivers one of the world’s largest online marketplaces to customers through any connected device, connecting people with the things they need and love. We feature a great selection of high-quality merchandise, friendly service and, of course, best prices. We are committed to becoming a trusted brand on the web where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online and we endeavor to offer our customers the lowest possible price. A unique aspect of NRB Bazaar is that it is the first global e-commerce portal of Bangladesh, aiming to work not only within Bangladesh but also serve a global customer base. With the dream to serve Bangladeshis living all over the world (NRBs), NRB Bazaar wishes to become a globally recognized e-commerce platform comparable to the big shots of the industry such as Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay. NRB Bazaar is a product of MARS Solutions Limited, a leading IT Service Provider of Bangladesh, which has recently become a part of the prestigious Pandughar Limited family. With the main mantra “Buy Local Products Globally”, NRB Bazaar hopes seeks to spearhead the e-commerce industry of Bangladesh into a new era.